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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

CMF Ads Review

I recently signed up with CMF Ads network.  It is similar to Adgitize except that you can earn money from ads placed on their site. Ads are paid based on the price of the site. Network ads will be paid based on the number of pageviews the ad received on each site.

For first time publishers, CMF suggests that you set your advertising price low such as .10 for 1,000 page views per month to attract more advertisers.  As you attract more advertisers, you can slowly increase your price.

CMF also offers affordable advertising pricing for blog and website owners.  Advertisers add funds to CMF via Paypal.  Then you can create an ad and pay as little as $3 for 100,000 page views.  I haven't created an ad as of yet so I can't speak of how well this works. 

Another interesting things you can do to draw traffic to your site is buy a spike.  You can buy a spike for .20 cents and this will guarantee that you will get 50 clicks or 50 visitors to your site.  You can also earn .002 cents for each spike that you click located on the "spike" page.

CMF does have an referral program that each member is automatically entered into. For each person referred, you will receive 5% of whatever that person pays to create a network ad.

I don't think CMF is a big money making site however I am sure that the advertising potential is pretty good.  I plan on creating a network ad within the next two weeks, so I'll update you on how my progress.  However, for only a few dollars, it's work at try to see how much traffic it will bring to my site.


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