Monday, March 7, 2011

A Balanced Life May Help Blogger Burnout

At one time or another a blogger may experience blogger burnout.  Blogger burnout is the loss of interest in updating your blog or blogging altogether.  This situation can happen when you spend countless hours in front of the computer creating blog posts, increasing traffic and networking.  If you spend too much time on your blog and allow the rest of the things in your life to fall behind, it could result in your life becoming overwhelming.

In fact this happened to me around the holidays.  I started a new job, my house was a wreck, holiday shopping and traveling needed to get done.  It was all just too much and I ended up walking away from my blogs.  I stayed away for several months.  However, I needed that time to think about what I wanted in  my life and how I wanted my life to be.  I wanted to continue blogging but I also wanted to have a tidy, organized home.  I also wanted to allow time for myself to exercise, read or do whatever I chose.  So, I designed a plan for myself that would help me accomplish all the things I wanted to do each day.

The company I'm currently working for doesn't start working until 11:00am my time so that gives me about 3 hours in the morning to run errands, tidy up the house, exercise and work on my blogs.  I'm still adjusting to this new schedule but so far I'm much happier.  Unfortunately, I've probably lost some followers during this time.  However, I'll be a better blogger, wife and mother at the end of the day because I did take the time I need to step away from the computer and take my life back.  Additionally, I wanted to start my own virtual assistant business, CB Virtual Services

If you want a successful blog, it does take a lot of time and work.  But you can't spend every waking hour on your blog and not take some time to enjoy other things in life.  Especially if you have young children, you don't want to look back at your life and regret that you missed out on enjoying your family because you were blogging.  Balance.  That is the word that I'm constantly telling myself these days - Balance.  You don't want to get burnt out like I did and just walk away. 


  1. Great post--excellent points! I find myself all too often spending almost 'every minute' blogging. And that is wrong. Balance is so important as you say, and without balance you can't be happy.

    Found you on Totally Tuesday Blog Hop. So happy I did, great reminders for me as I start my day!

    Happy Healthy

  2. Hi! I'm your newest follower from Tuesday Blog Hop! Would love a follow back at!


  3. Thanks for blogging about this. Very interesting.




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