Thursday, October 21, 2010

How to Set Up a Blog Hop

Blog hops are a fun and effective way to increase blog traffic, gain followers and find new blogs to follow yourself.  On any given day, there are several blog hops going on.  Blog hops can be set up to link to your blog, Twitter and Facebook accounts as well as giveaways you're hosting.

Set up the Hop

The first step in setting up the blog hop is to create a blog hop button.  It's a good idea to have a blog hop button to help identify and advertise your hop.  Followers can grab this button and place on their blogs to help spread the word of the hop.  View my Create a Blog Button page if you need a button created for you.

Next, you need to the Linky Tools website and get the code for the blog hop which allows users to enter their blog URL. 

After you have copied the linky code, create your blog hop post.  Within the post, upload your blog hop button and include any rules if applicable.  Some blog hops require that in order for you to link up you must include the blog hop button on your blog or else your link will be deleted. However, other blog hops have no rules at all.  If all depends on what you want to accomplish with your hop.  After you've added the rules, then paste the linky code.  Now your blog hop is ready to accept links.

Advertise your Hop

It may take several weeks before your blog hop has gained popularity.  The word needs to spread around the blogging community.  To help let other bloggers know that you have a new blog hop post a message within blog networks such Mom Bloggers Club or Bloggy Moms.  Another option is to visit blog hop currently going on the same day as your blog hop and instead of linking up your blog, link up your blog hop.


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