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As a Speaker, Author, Blogger and Web Designer, Cindy Buccieri combines her 20 years of Internet savvy and desire to help others with her intuitive understanding of technology. She engages and enlightens audiences while providing easy to understand solutions to their blogging and online challenges. 

Cindy Buccieri is the author of "Blogging the Right Way: Learn How to Launch a Blog and Start Making Money" available at Amazon.com and the founder of CB Virtual Services, an internet marketing and Web design company committed to helping others achieve success in their business and personal lives. Cindy is also a blogging and Internet coach providing information and insights to those who want to learn about these cutting edge marketing techniques to further the success of their business. 

Cindy possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Science and has worked for Fortune 500 companies such as McDonnell Douglas and Northrop Grumman. She also freelanced as a web designer, blogger and internet marketer for several years including working as a subcontractor for Google. In 2009, Cindy launched Busy Mom's Tips, a blog which provides helpful tips for today's busy moms. Three additional blogs launched shortly thereafter. 

The creation and marketing of these blogs provided her with first-hand experience into what is takes to increase traffic to a blog, develop a following and make money from it. Cindy is also the author of several eBooks including, "Busy Mom's Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Work at Home Job" and "How to Increase Traffic to Your Blog" and has several articles published on Associated Content, Hubpages and eHow. While Cindy has experience in many areas of business including the Internet and Web development, her passion is in Blogging. Additionally, Cindy loves being able to share with others her knowledge on this vast subject through speaking and coaching. 

Cindy's Most Popular Presentation Topics

The 3 Keys to Internet Marketing Success

Are you overwhelmed trying to marketing your business online? Stop spinning your wheels and learn the 3 keys to having a successful online business. In this presentation Cindy reveals the 3 keys that will allow you to harness the power of the Internet to engage customers, increase your profits and drive a flood of traffic to your website.

Build It and They Will Come: Steps to Creating a Successful Website.

Discover why the “Build it and They Will Come” philosophy does not work in the online Field of Dreams. In this presentation, Cindy reveals how to design a website that is attractive to search engines which will drive qualified prospects to your site that you can then convert into buyers. This presentation also covers why building your contact list is vital to your business success and provides easy and affordable systems to build it now.

Why Having a Blog is Not an Option...It's a Necessity!

Learn why a blog is important to your online success as well as how to write the perfect blog post to drive traffic and engage readers. This presentation also addresses the misconception about a blog’s purpose, location, keywords and topics.

Communicating with Your Audience: Know the 3 C's

Discover the 3 C’s of online communication: Consistency, Connection and Conversion. This presentation discusses how important it is to consistently connect with your audience and how to convert your audience from browsers to buyers.


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