Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Expand From Blogger to Web Guru

Guest Post by David Chamberlain

Believe it or not a lot of people start blogging as a way to make money online then give it a couple of months and quit. Rather than quit there may be some alternatives. First I would like to state that a couple of months is not a long enough time to find out if your model would be a success. Think of it as a business and give it a year. Now on to my subject, I will tell you how to take those skills you have learned from blogging and turn them into real money.

Throughout blogging you will learn a few of things assuming you put enough time in. Those are, On and off page SEO, Link building, content creation, website design, ad placement, social networking and content management systems at the least. All of those can be turned in to freelance or real jobs and in combination with the co-operation with the bloggers you have met and mingle with daily you could expand your operation. After a year of Blogging you will have a knowledge about the internet than most people or companies on the net.

Lets start with SEO, on and off page seo is a huge business and you can make a lot of money if you can translate traffic into customers. I had a blog that was getting 30,000 visitors a month and that was after only three months of content creation. So i was sitting at my computer like you and my wife was telling me to get a job. She started saying what jobs were on Craigslist and I kept telling her no for a couple of days, I wanted to make money on the net. So finally she started to get the point and told me about someone who needed traffic to their sites. That sparked my interest. I took what I knew about seo and went to have lunch with the person that needed help, turns out she loved what I had to say and hired me for 10-15 hours a week. That was my doorway in and you can do the same, take what you know and start contacting people on Craigslist. A lot of people will pay for: consultations, link building, on page seo etc...

So maybe you were not the seo pro and did not get a lot of traffic but the people that read your blog loved it. Your passion excited them. Take what you know about content creation and pair with a web designer, fellow blogger or post ads on craigslist stating that you will write articles. You can get paid just for writing unique articles for people. Also Web designers need writers for websites that they are setting up, sometimes the designer and owner of the site do not want to write the content.

Ok, so you didn't get any traffic and nobody like the way you write. For some reason you got 1,500 fans on Facebook and 3,000 followers on twitter. You could be the next social media guru, market yourself and look for someone that needs a social media guru. Companies trying to expand or startup on the internet will hire people to run their social media campaign once they find out how involved it is. You can scour Craigslist or contact web Designers and a lot of them outsource the social media campaigns of their clients.

Did you create a great looking blog? You might be ready to step up to web design, you could do themes, psd's, logo's, flash animations or any other number of items, start to network with designers and you can get started by just creating some small items for them or creating a bloggers logo, work on building a portfolio and then you will be able to present it to people to get work.

If you were good at all of these and just want to expand then you could pair with people to build your client base and in the mean time start a website selling your services. I have created one with all of the services that I offer so that when I discuss with people what I can do they can view it visually also. Whatever the case, take what you have learned and find someone who needs that service. Simple as that, oh, and don't give up....

David Chamberlain is Wired Web Designer. Wired Web Designer has created an an automated way to purchase sites and to enhance the way the site owner and web designer communicate.  David Chamberlain loves the internet and will continue to work on the internet till it is shut down. http://wiredwebdesigner.com/


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