Monday, May 9, 2011

3 Reasons Why Your Blog Needs Video

If you haven't started incorporating video into your blog, website or social media program, you need to make it a priority! Here are 3 reasons why you should:
People can find you
People will trust you
People will like you

Videos increase SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

You may have the best product, service or story in the world but people will never know if they cannot find you! So how do people find you? Where do people look for information when they logon to their computers? Google is the first choice but You Tube second! Second! That means millions and millions of people are searching for products, services, information and entertainment, every day, on YouTube.

If someone searches for you on YouTube who will they find? You or your competition?

Videos Inspire Trust

Building trust with your potential customer is the cornerstone to all visual advertising. People trust other people who look them in the eye and speak to them; even if it's about shoes or cleaning or charities. The viewer feels a connection and forms a bond with the person as if they are friends chatting on the front porch. That feeling is ideally transferred onto the speaker's product or service and initiates a positive action from the viewer; like purchasing the shoe or signing up for a cleaning contract or donating to the charity.

Are your customers able to "chat with you on the front porch"? Do they have that connection and trust?

People like videos

People will like you over the competition because they like videos. Videos are more entertaining, easier to understand and time saving. Let's face it, to most of us it is more fun to watch a movie than read a book. Sure you miss out on some of the details when you watch a movie, but if you want more you can always read the book too! And unlike reading, videos are often clearer and easier to understand because you can hear the nuances and inflections in the speakers voice allowing you to easily discern the most important parts.

Plus the time-saving benefit is huge. Where your potential customer may not have time to dedicate his full attention to reading your post on the Benefits of Upgrading Your Security System, he may be able to listen to your video as he is doing emails or other tasks. Half attention is better than none at all and if he likes what he hears, he will look up and give you the opportunity to build trust through eye contact.

Not sure how to make or what to say in a video? Read More.


  1. Thanks for the reminder - video is king.

  2. I am following via TTT blog hop. I am also your newest GFC follower. Then I just became a subscriber. Please follow me.

  3. Your blog seems great - following you now (found you through Tuesday Blog Hop) - feel free to follow back. :-)

  4. UhOh! Seems I've just added to my blogging to-do list!



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