Sunday, May 8, 2011

How to Montetize your Blog with Banner Ads

There are different ways in which you can go about in monetizing your blog. The most popular way in monetizing a blog is to sell banner ads and other ad space. You can make a lot of money with this concept alone due to the fact that they usually have a price per thousand times it's shown on the site. They are a magnet when it comes to what people look at on websites. They attract a person's interest as soon as they get on the page.
Generate Income From Your Unused Space

One of the best ways to earn income from your blog is to sell space. If your blog is generating a lot of traffic, many blog owners will be very willing to pay you a fee for putting their information in front of your readers.

Types To Avoid

Most people tend to think that flashy ads would attract others into clicking their banners, but in actuality, it keeps them from clicking. No one wants to be bothered with something flashing all the time on their screen. That makes them want to refresh the page so something non-flashing will show up. Most people are irritated by the popups and popunders and will leave a blog if there are too many. Be careful with the page peel advertisement so that they do not get in the way of your visitor every time they use the scroll bar at the top. It may be better to put them on the left side of the page instead of the right side.

Best Sizes

After concluding that you want to sell banner ads, you need to think of a size that would be best for your blog. Most people go with 125 x 125 in size or 468 x 60. The best way in determining the best size is to go about resizing the banner to see if there's a noticeable change within the pixels or not. If the picture looks distorted, you'll need to resize accordingly. They should naturally fit the pages content too, so it doesn't look like it is a separate edition from the rest of your content.

Where To Place Them On The Page

The best place to put your advertisements is in the content block, as they receive the most clicks there. The left column and the header does better than the right column and the footer area is the worst placement area.


When it comes to selling these, most people have trouble deciding how much to charge per impression. If you have a huge blog, with lots of visitors, you may want to charge roughly five dollars per thousand views. The money can add up quickly and you can be on your way to a passive income.

If you are a startup, you may encounter trouble at first when it comes to pricing the impressions for five dollars per thousand views. A great tip is to keep marketing and adding content to your blog for your impression value will go up based upon the number of real visitors that you have.


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