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Monday, November 29, 2010

Passion and Online Profit (Plus What's In Between)

This guest post is written by Liezl.

Being obsessed is different from being motivated. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook is totally right. Being obsessed to earn million dollars online is different from being motivated to write and earn few bucks from it. The basic foundation of successful blogging lies behind your true passion. Write your heart and thoughts out and everything will follow.

Andy Wibbels of BlogWild emphasized that passion, publish, and profit are the foundation of successful blogging. As an owner of more than 12 self-hosted blogs and online earner since 2008, let me share you my own take about this subject matter as I relate my blogging experiences.

True Passion Yields The Sweetest Fruit
Stock knowledge is better than the recently acquired ones. If you are a writer, you can write best if you know what you are about to write and if you are knowledgeable about the topic. In blogging, you don't have to pretend. Don't use jargon and other technical terms that you yourself is not familiar of. Write about something you really know and you'll be able to keep it interesting without any signs of difficulty. Your creative self will naturally come out and the readers will be entertained.

When I started blogging last 2006, my goal was to keep a personal journal of my college life. I write when I'm upset, happy, sad and mad. It's because writing is my passion. Whether or not I'm writing about my personal feelings or opinion toward an event, I blog it right away. Passion keeps me alive and kicking. Passion keeps the ideas flowing. Passion motivates me to blog.

And my passion for writing yielded good result. From a single blogspot blog, my passion extends to numerous self-hosted blogs. Some are niche-blog while others fall under general category. The niche of my choice still reflects my interest. MTGIRL is about Magic The Gathering, Impulsive Buyer is about my impulsiveness and shopping, MONEY WEB is about earning online and the list continues.

That's how enthusiasm contributes to my success.

Publish Quality Contents
Be consistent with your work. Write religiously. Schedule your post if you must. Keep blogging.

Publishing quality contents on your field of specialization makes your work highly-recognizable. Consistent blog updates attract more readers because they would like to read more.

Write original posts and this will be easy as long as your passion is alive. Keep the flame burning and it will get fiercer each time you publish new content. And remember, when you quote the work of others, give them the due credit.

Profit Is A Reward That Comes in Great Package

Blogging is not a get-rich-real-quick scheme. It takes time. It gives you residual income which bit by bit become a regular online gig.

My real-life friends always ask me: "How do you earn from blogging?" I answer them straight all the time: "Through paid posts and direct advertisers". And they will keep on asking, probe more or even throw hypothetical questions. It's not that I'm tired of answering their questions, but my suggestion is: blog right now and you'll know the answer to your basic questions. I can no longer count how many friends of mine gone blogging because of me. You see, my words are really encouraging.

Based on my experience, the shortest time possible to start earning from blog is at least three months. That is provided that your blog has already gained PR.

Blogging hints keep popping up on my head, but it's time to cut this short because I believe I have shared the essential foundation of successful blogging.

This post was written by Liezl, author of Make More Money Online and owner of several other blogs related to shopping, trading card game, random reviews and more. As a blogger armed with creative ideas and weirdest imagination, she grabs every online opportunity that comes her way. Visit her site to have unlimited access to blogging tips, online earnings and SEO techniques.


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