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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Advertise with Entrecard

Entrecard is a free banner network which allows you to promote your website or blog on over 40,000 websites.  Entrecard is a useful way to network your website and increase traffic. Entrecard uses a credit system in which you earn credits when you visit other blogs within the network and click "drop" on their Entrecard currently advertised ad.  you can earn credits by dropping on other blogs  and when others "drop" on your site.  Credits are then used to create ads.  You then choose which website you want to place your ad.  Websites have different ad credit costs based on their Technorati and Google ratings.  

Additionally, Entrecard will give you 200 credits when you first sign up.  To sign up, visit and add your website and a 125 x 125 ad or blog button.  Then you should visit other blogs and start dropping to earn more credits to advertise with.  The number of ads you can drop in a day is unlimited and up to you.

Entrecard also has a referral program in which you will receive 300 credit for each person you refer.  Visit Entrecard to learn more about their advertising and referral programs.


  1. I'm following from Spotlight Saturday, I'd love a follow back!

  2. I signed up, now waiting for "moderator" approval. How do I let them know I saw it here, or do you do that?

  3. Rich, as long as you accessed Entrecard through the link above, they will know. Thanks for letting me know.

  4. I signed up through the link. No problem. How is it working for you so far?

  5. Rich,

    Entrecard works pretty well driving traffic to my sites but you do have to be active by "dropping" on other sites especially the sites in your in box.

  6. I tried to "drop" on your blog here, it wouldn't let me. It asked if I wanted to sign up instead. It works on other blogs, just thought I would let you know.....



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