Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Defining Your Reputation on the Internet

The internet has created a growing need for individuals and businesses alike to monitor what is posted about them.  With family, friends and competitors able to create postings anywhere across the World Wide Web, it is only natural to assume that at some point we will need to do a bit of damage control.

You may be asking yourself “What is internet reputation?”  An internet reputation is the reputation created by our online activities and postings as well as the content posted by others about us or our business.  This reputation can be either helpful or harmful depending on the basis of the content posted.

Breaking Down Different Types of Content

There are many types of content that can be posted on the internet that can affect our reputation.  Here we will discuss the main types and exactly what effect they have upon our reputation as well as the reputation of a business.

1.    Inappropriate Images – Inappropriate images consist of everything including, but not limited to, college fraternity parties where we are shown in a bad light, pictures of bar nights or fights and any images that could be listed as vulgar.

These images affect our reputation in a harmful manner.  Although the picture may be decades old, it can still affect our present day reputation and create a mess for us in both personal and business matters.

2.    Competitor Propaganda – Competitor propaganda is a very common thing on the internet, with each company vying for the top spot in their field.  Competitors may post negative comments on forums, malicious content on blog sites, or negative imagery in advertising boxes in order to harm our business reputation or even personal reputation in some cases.

This type of content is harmful in an obvious way.  The competitor seeks to destroy our reputation through their postings and steps must be taken to have these advertisements and postings removed in an orderly fashion to protect our own reputation.

3.    Stories And Articles Showcasing Inappropriate Activities – This is the type of content often posted by family and friends in an unintentionally harmful manner.  There is no true malicious intent; however the content should be removed in order to avoid a later problem.

While it may sound ok for Aunt Ida to blog about what a reckless youth we may have been, this can harm our reputation in spite of the years that have gone by.  Potential employers do often search the internet to check out their candidates, and although it may be very humorous to friends and family to hear about how you streaked naked through the college campus twenty years ago, that employer most likely does not need to know about it.

The above examples are just a few in the growing list of content that should be avoided in order to preserve our internet reputation.  There are many ways to have this content removed and it is best to speak to a professional management service in order to be sure we’ve caught every possible piece of content.
Sachin is a freelance writer who spends time blogging about a variety of subjects.  His current interest lies within the field of reputation management and his famous articles includes article on What is internet reputation. He loves to travel and make new friends.

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