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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How Do I Make Money with My Blog?

The question I see most bloggers asking is how can they make money with their blogs.  Many blog just for the fun it, however others would love to be able to make some cash from their passion.  There are several avenues available for bloggers to monetize their blogs.

Google Adsense
Google Adsense is a free program that allows bloggers to earn money by showing relevant ads on their blogs.  Revenue can be earned when someone clicks on a Google link or by the number of page impressions.  To add Google Adsense to your blog in Blogger, simply click the Monetize tab.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is where a blog can earn a commission for each visitor or customer brought to the business's website. View my list of affiliate marketing companies.

With Swag Bucks you can earn digital dollars just by searching the Internet using the Swag Bucks portal.  The Swag Bucks you earn can be redeemed for Swag Bucks merchandise such as gift cards and miscellaneous merchandise.

Savvy Source
Savvy Source offers families a weekly fun filled activity.  When enough people have signed up for the activity, it becomes active.  Bloggers earn credit every time someone signs up and purchases the advertised activity.  Credits can then be used toward activities and the Savvy Source Scholarship Fund.  Savvy Source Scholarship will donate 5% of each purchase to a preschool of the purchaser's choice. They also donate 5% of each purchase to a scholarship fund created to help parents afford preschool for their children.

Product Reviews
Bloggers can sign up to give their opinions on products in return for either cash or products.  Most reviews are required to be 200 words and include links to the product page.  View my list of product review sites.

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